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UBT inaugurates the project office

The Agricultural University of Tirana inaugurated the Office of Projects, another opportunity conceived and designed for the benefit of the students of this very important university but also the academic staff of this institution which is constantly working towards increasing and improving the quality of teaching.

This office aims to encourage and partner between institutions at national and international level in order to participate in projects; provides information to academic staff and students of all levels on the opportunities offered through various national and international programs and projects by universities and other research and scientific centers at home and abroad; facilitates and assists in the search for partners for the realization of applications in various national and international programs and projects; informs the academic staff and all other interested parties regarding the procedures of preparation, application and implementation of projects and trainings in the fields of agricultural sciences and environment; performs the role of Institutional Coordinator for various programs funded by the European Union; assists academic staff with problems encountered during project implementation; cooperates with companies that have experience in the development and administration of projects supported by various programs of the European Commission for capacity development, scientific research, oriented studies, etc .; engages in various trainings in order to increase the qualification of office workers and undertakes a series of initiatives and goals in terms of maximizing quality at UBT, improving the capacity of this institution