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Takimi inagurues i projektit “ERASMUS PLUS International Credit Mobility, Project n. 2019-1-IT02-KA107-061718”, ndermjet Universitetit te Molise Itali dhe Universitetit Bujqesor te Tiranes

ERASMUS PLUS International Credit Mobility                Project n. 2019-1-IT02-KA107-061718

Virtual Kick-Off Meeting                                                       Campobasso – June 8, 2021 – 10.00 a.m


10.00   Greetings from the Project managers

Prof. Fatbardh SALLAKU, Rector of the Agricultural University of Tirana

Prof. Elena SORRENTINO, Head Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences

Prof. Giuseppe MAIORANO, Scientific project coordinator, University of Molise


10.15  Presentation of the Action Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Dr. Loredana DI RUBBO, head of the International Relations Office of the University of Molise


10.45  Presentation of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Project (activities, participants at the mobility)

Prof. Giuseppe MAIORANO


11.00  Questions & Answers session


12.00  Conclusion


Kick off meeting erasmus+ 2021_IT_AL