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Project description

Project title

Library Network Support Services: modernising libraries in Western Balkan countries through staff development and reforming library services [LNSS]

Project code:        561987-EPP-1-2015-1-IEEPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Grant:               EUR 808,868.00

Number of Partner Country institutions:    8 institutions

Number of Programme Country institutions: 4 institutions

Coordinator: Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland

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Programme Country institutions

1.      Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland

2.      Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

3.      The Pyramid Group, Germany

4.      University of Crete, Greece

Partner Country institutions

1.      Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

2.      University “Fan S Noli” of Korçe, Albania

3.      University of Montenegro, Montenegro

4.      University of Priština – Kosovska Mitrovica, Kosovo

5.      The University of Prishtina, Kosovo

6.      University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina

7.      University of Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina

8.      Kantonalna i Univerzitetska Biblioteka Bihac, Bosnia-Hercegovina

AUT Role in the LNSS Project

AUT is one of the Partner Institutions involved in the project and as such, will be involved in the design, pilot, evaluation, accreditation and dissemination of the LNSS project. AUT role in the project will be to increase the level of competence in the field of Library and Information Science specialization in the Albanian university sphere and in Tirana and Region and will enhance adaptation of international library standards for future generations. Like the other Albanian universities, their role will be, in particular, supported by LIT as Coordinator and EU partners covering practical aspects of the LNSS project – LNSS Curriculum Training, creation of the Library Access Liaison Librarian position, promotion of the role of the Subject Liaison Librarian in their University and will participate in the all-party Library Action Group and Project Management Committee (PMC).

Main objectives of the project

· Reinforce and modernise libraries and improve the level of competencies and skills of library staff in HEI’s in Western Balkan countries by developing innovative libraries as a support to education and lifelong learning.

· Develop a library staff development strategy focussed on improving standards and quality of library performance in Western Balkan countries so as to improve the quality of library services and higher education generally, enhancing their relevance for the labour market and society.

· Enhance the management, governance, innovation capacities and accessibility of libraries in Western Balkan countries through strategic planning and policy development.

· Establish and maintain a Western Balkan Library Network Support Services (LNSS) Network for the future dissemination, sustainability and exploitation of project results both nationally and in the Western Balkan Region for the sharing of knowledge, experience, training and expertise in the Region.

Main Activities of the Project

·         Training and general library needs detection;

·         Library Staff Training;

·         English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Training;

·         Preparation of ECTS Module Training Programme using EU Tuning Methods;

·         Development and delivery of the Library Online Modules;

·         Production of Library Staff Development program harmonised materials;

·         Guidelines for training of Library staff;

·         LNSS Curriculum Training.

Main Activities of the Project

AUT contact person



Mobile:                 +355 68 207 2584

Gentjan ÇERA


Mobile:                 +355 68 411 8121

Skype name:    gentjan.cera