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“Sustainable governance of forest and pasture resources”


Info and brief description of the Doctoral School

Objectives of the Doctoral School Program:

o to form the future researchers with contemporary theoretical and scientific knowledge in the field of sustainable management of forest resources,

o to prepare researchers able to identify and assess the problems of the forest sector and provide scientific based solutions.

o to prepare researchers capable of conducting scientific research as the basis of their teaching activities.

The program is offered by:

Department of Forests (Faculty of Forestry Sciences)


The main research topis in the Doctoral School:

– regeneration of degraded oak forest areas in Albania

– application of state-of-the-art methods of biological control against forest pests

– best practices for sustainable management of communal forestry

– potentials and use of forest biomass for bioenergy purposes.

– payments for environmental services in forestry

– economic evaluation of the contribution of communal forests to the livelihood of rural communities

– non-timber products and their sustainable use.

  1. Contacts:

Prof. Dr. Vath TABAKU (Head of Forest Department)

Tel: +355 68 40 30 632; Email:


Department of Wood Industry

  1. Name of the Doctoral School:

“Wood Technology”

  1. Info and brief description of the Doctoral School

The study program “Wood Technology”, aims to prepare skilled re searchers to solve important specific problems related to the modernization and improvement of technological lines for the processing of wood-based materials and through scientific research to provide solutions in the field of industrial processing with automated machinery as well as for the efficient use of raw materials by expanding the field of use of wood materials.

  1. The program is offered by:

Department of Wood Industry (Faculty of Forestry Sciences)

  1. The Research Fields in the Doctoral School:

o Improvement of physical – mechanical and technological properties of wood through chemical thermal treatment.

o Influence of kinematic parameters of machines on the processing quality of wood materials and the environment.

o Technological properties of wood and wood-based panels.

o Physical-mechanical and chemical phenomena of wood gluing and polishing

o Marketing of wood-based products

o Implementation of CAD-CAM technologies in the field of wood processing industry

o Environmental impacts of wood processing industry

  1. Contacts:

Prof. Entela LATO (Head of Wood Industry Department)

Tel: +355 68 83 33934; email: