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Department of Plant Protection



The Department of Plant Protection (DPP) is the only department in the country that covers study programs, research areas and knowledge transfer in plant protection.

By this status, DPP aims to meet international standards of quality, academic integrity and transparency and to be a promoter of the development of sub-sectors with which it is directly related.

The Department of Plant Protection was structured as a basic unit of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, following Decision no. 515, dated 19.07.2006 of the Council of Ministers and by Decision of the Senate of UBT, no. 20, dated 26.12.2006.

Plant Protection, as a special teaching and scientific structure, was formed in 1964. And has accompanied the evolution of the Higher Agricultural Institute (today the Agricultural University), in the form of a department with special branches of the Faculty of Agronomy, where students graduated with the title of Plant Protection Agronomist.

Until the early 90’s, the Department of Plant Protection has operated with two separate subject groups: Entomology and Phytopathology, with 8 effective internal and some external lecturers.

In 1994, Plant Protection joined the Department of Horticulture and Plant Protection.

The Department of Plant Protection was formed as a result of Government decision no. 515, of July 2006, by which, the Institute of Plant Protection in Durrës is transferred and placed under the auspices of the Agricultural University of Tirana, with its human potential and assets.

This structure, together with the Plant Protection Section of the Faculty of Agriculture, AUT, led to the formation of the Plant Protection Department, by decision of the AUT Senate, in December 2006.

DPP formulated a new mission and vision and the trajectories of future study programs, and accredited the study program of the first cycle Bachelor “Plant Protection” and the second cycle Master of Science “Plant Medicine”, for a period of 6 years.

The Department of Plant Protection offers the study program:

Bachelor in “Agrarian Engineering”, profile “Plant Protection”. This study program is accredited by decision of the Accreditation Board, No. 83, dated 05.10.2019.

International Scientific Master in “Plant Medicine”, accredited by the decision of the Accreditation Board no. 85, dated 05.10.2019, recognized in some Universities, including in some EU countries.

Professional Master in “Chemical protection and phytopharmacy”, strongly assisting in the preparation of specialists working in the field of plant protection products.

The Department of Plant Protection has laboratory capacities to enable the detection of crop parasites and recommends control measures, affecting the reduction of pesticide use.




Providing opportunities for quality education in pursuit of a career in plant protection, transforming the Department into a dynamic center of scientific research, reference in plant protection issues and integration of research at European level.





The Department of Plant Protection (DPP) is committed to prepare students for professions and businesses in plant protection, to strengthen the competitive position of this sector in Albania, as well as to improve the standards of protection against crop parasites, guaranteeing their quantity and quality.

The mission of DPP is harmonized with the AUT Strategy and the Research Strategy in Albania, which serve as an umbrella for DPP members and students who contribute to meeting AUT priorities.