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Department of Economy and Rural Development Policy

The Department of Economics and Rural Development Policy is unique in higher education in Albania with study programs that precede the economic and social development of the country. It offers study programs and makes research in areas such as agrarian and rural development policies, applied economics in agriculture, natural resources and environmental management, rural administration, etc. This department offers study programs in the first level of Bachelor studies, in the second level of master studies and the third level of studies in Executive Master.

The department consists of academic staff of 18 professors, lecturers and assistant lecturers among the most prominent personalities in these fields at the national level with extensive experience in the field of teaching and research.

Undergraduate programs

The study programs of the first cycle “Economics and Rural Development Policies” as well as “Applied Economics” aim to provide students with basic knowledge on general scientific methods and principles, as well as the formation of special skills in:


  • field of the local economy in rural areas,
  • public policies and their design as well
  • Economic strategies for the development of rural and regional areas at the micro and macroeconomic level, etc.

The first cycle study programs are realized with 180 credits (ECTS) and their duration is 3 academic years.

At the end of the first cycle of study programs, a Bachelor’s degree is issued, respectively in “Economics and Rural Development Policies” as well as “Applied Economics”.



  1. Study programs of the second cycle “Master of Science”

The study program of the second cycle “Master of Science” in “Economics and Agrarian Policy” provides graduates with a bachelor’s degree with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as training for independent research in the fields of:

  • building rural, local and regional development policies and plans,
  • natural resource policies and their optimal use,
  • policies of territorial organization and harmonization of integrated local development, etc.

The second cycle study programs are realized with 120 credits, which include 30 credits for the research project (micro thesis) and their normal duration is 2 academic years. To be admitted to this study cycle in the department “Economics and Rural Development Policy”, students must have passed the English language exam based on internationally recognized tests. At the end of this second cycle program is issued a university degree “Master of Science” in “Economics and Agrarian Policy”


  1. “Professional Master” study programs

The program of the second cycle of study “Professional Master” in “Economics and Agrarian Policy” offers graduates, with a university degree “Bachelor”, education and proper professional training. The study program “Professional Master” is realized with 120 credits and their normal duration is 2 academic years. This study program aims to increase the practical skills of students to be closer to the demands of the labour market, with the required knowledge and competencies. At the end of this cycle of studies, a university degree “Professional Master” in “Economics and Agrarian Policy” is issued.


  1. The third cycle


The third cycle study programs are executive master in “Planning and territorial economic development of rural areas” which was opened for the first time in the academic year 2020-2021, thus making the department one of the only ones offering a program such study throughout the higher education in the country, as well as doctoral studies in “Economics and Agribusiness”, which is expected to be offered soon, in cooperation with other departments part of the Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness. They are aimed at professionals and researchers who want to deepen their knowledge and contribute to research in the field of Rural Development Policy and Territorial Organization.

The executive master “Planning and economic territorial development of rural areas” is addressed to policymakers who want to increase their knowledge with new information and methodologies in the field of organization and economic development of territories. This study program designed with the support of European German, French, and Greek universities, leaders in these fields, is unique in Albania both in terms of the topics it offers and in terms of the audience to which it is addressed. This study program has 120 credits and lasts at least 2 years. At the end of the studies, the Executive Master Diploma is awarded.