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CEEPUS is an acronym for “Central European Exchange Program for University Studies”. CEEPUS Programme is promoting inter-university cooperation and is supporting the mobility of students and teaching staff. In CEEPUS programme there are two different ways of exchange:

  • CEEPUS Programme scholarship;
  • Freemover scholarship;

CEEPUS Programme scholarschip:

  • is given to those who take part in the exchange within a network.
  • within CEEPUS, there is no transfer of funds, there is an internal currency of “1 scholarship month” instead;
  • this scholarship is intended to cover the cost of living in host country;
  • it shall be paid to Incoming students and teachers by the host country;
  • the programme offers:
  • 3- months stay for students before graduation who are at least at 2 year of their studies;
  • 1-2 months stay (min.1 month) for students who are preparing their final thesis and phd students;
  • month stay for academic staff (teachers, minimum 5 workdays & min. 6 hours of lectures/week);

Freemover scholarship:

  • this scholarship is for students who made special arrangements for studying outside the CEEPUS network (but the University need to be in CEEPUS Programme)
  • it’s given only in Summer Semester

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