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AgroFood Innovation Clusters

AgroFood Innovation Clusters



Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania (AUT) is a partner in the project AgroFood Innovation Clusters”-AgroLabs. Co-financed by Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Balkan– Mediterranean 2014 – 2020 that will be implemented in four countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Albania by 8 organizations.                                           

About AgroLabs

AgroLabs Project will contribute to make the Balkan Med agro-food sector more attractive, productive and international. In addition, it will support cross border cooperation in the agro-food sector by promoting innovative technologies, strategies and products as well as it will support and increase the know-how of agro-food SMEs and parties in the entire value chain. This will lead to a more competitive Balkan Med region.

This can be achieved through the development of Agro Food innovation clusters, a place where research, industry and authorities can meet to co-create the Balkan Med area’s competences in innovation of agro-food sector.

To achieve these aims towards the sustainable growth of the Agro Food sector, all relevant parties should be engaged.


AgroLabs Cluster

The AgroLabs clusters will be developed and operate in the regions of Imathia, Greece; Lemesos, Cyprus; Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and Fier, Alabania.

Agro-Food Innovation clusters (AgroLabs) will serve as physical place where industry (agro-food enterprises, producers, actors in the value chain etc.), research institutions and public authorities meet. AgroLabs’ operation involves supporting, monitoring, mentoring sessions and training activities so as to ensure the sustainability of the cluster developed, incorporate innovative products in the SMEs production and enhance typical products’ commercialization etc. The 4 AgroLabs will not only operate as units but also as a transnational network.

The innovative approach of AgroLabs will allow to meet the needs and the aspirations of the involved stakeholders and to ensure the appropriation of the AgroLabs clusters by building a joint strategy through cross-border exchange of experience. This will lead to the creation of the Balkan-Med network of agro-food clusters. In addition, AgroLabs partners acting as facilitators will provide open and free support to relevant stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The AgroLabs clusters will continue their operation after the project has been finalized. The AgroLabs clusters will continue to provide support to agro-food SMEs to facilitate the delivery of concrete solutions for common problems by pooling resources and expertise and strengthening innovative capacity, without distorting the market.



  • Improvement of innovation performances of food enterprises, institutions and research bodies, through the definition and application of analytical and intervention tools, oriented to manage know-how for achieving an effective and more intensive application of R&D and innovation.
  • New concrete projects for building innovation capacity, as well as improved products and processes in agro-food sector, by converging SMEs needs, skills of research bodies and institutional support, obtaining the critical mass able to participate more effectively in R&D EU Programmes
  • Stronger collaboration and relationships among research bodies, institutions and agro-food enterprises at local, regional and cross border level
  • Reinforcement of existing transnational cooperation networks and establishment of new ones without distorting the market, through a “transnational horizontal network” among the involved Balkan-Med regions and opening to other EU area


For more information about ″AgroLabs” and its pilot activities, please contact the Agricultural University of Tirana in  e-mail:,,  or  tel: +355684096180.

Local cordinator: Prof.Dr. Fatbardh Sallaku, (E-mail: