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 AgroFood Innovation Clusters (AgroLabs)

Project Co-financed by Transnational Cooperation Programme

Interreg Balkan – Mediterranean 2014 – 2020


AgroLabs project aims to foster the production and distribution of innovative agro-food products of the Balkan-Med area by organising local value chains, supporting SMEs and producers in their development projects and creating new markets for their products through an open procedure.

In addition, specific objectives of AgroLabs will contribute to the inclusion of agro-food chains and creation of local clusters, foster entrepreneurship and innovation, increase the visibility and reputation of typical agro-food products, develop their commercialization, develop local capacity through open access of transnational exchanges and finally to set the basis so as to initiate the Route of Balkan-Med Agro-Food Products and integration with AgroFood Clusters in EU level.

To achieve these aims towards the sustainable growth of the Agro-Food sector, all relevant actors should be engaged.

The promotion of sustainable agro-food development requires that “enabling environments”, in particular those aimed at ensuring innovation, continuing human resource development and capacity building, are promoted and maintained. This will be achieved through the development of Agro-Food Innovation Clusters (AgroLabs), a place where research, industry and public authorities can meet to co-create the Balkan Med area’s competences in innovation of agro-food sector. The objectives of AgroLabs address both Balkan Med Programme’s general objective “to build on shared territorial assets and promote integrated territorial development and cooperation for a more competitive and sustainable Balkan – Mediterranean area” and the SO 1.2: Innovative territories: Unleashing territorial potential to improve the transnational innovation capacity of the business sector, with focus on agro-food sector.

For more information about AgroLabs” and its pilot activities, please contact the Agricultural University of Tirana in  e-mail:,, or te: +355684096180.

Local cordinator: Prof.Dr. Fatbardh Sallaku, (E-mail: