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International Cooperation



In full harmony to the Mission of Agricultural University of Tirana, which is represented by providing precious contributions to the society through education, learning and scientific research in continuous growth aiming the excellence, the international cooperation is the main door to assist the university to achieve goals successfully and prepare the necessary labor market professionally prepared persons for the sustainable development of the country and the region.



Based on the established priorities from the Agriculture University of Tirana for the development and enlargement the International Cooperation, the International Relations are coordinated by the International Relations Office toward the Universities, International Organisations, Agencies and Donors from Albania or foreign Countries.



The types of collaborations are based on the priorities clearly expressed in the strategic plan of Agricultural University of Tirana. Furthermore, they are tightly linked with the institutional equity and the partnership reciprocal interest, where are included the following activities:

1)         Visit exchanges of the academic staff members with the partner Universities. The visits aim to promote the organisation of the seminars, courses, conferences, lessons and double degrees in Bachelor and Master study levels, respectively.

2)         Coordination of the study exchange programs for Bachelor, Master and PhD students, based on the Institutional Agreements for study and/or research activities, mainly funded by European Commission, without excluding other donors.

3)         Visit exchanges of the administrative and technical staff members with the partner Institutions, when it is possible and in accordance with the Development Strategy of the Agricultural University of Tirana.

4)         Academic and Research activities, together with the implementation of common projects for increasing the quality of teaching/learning and the performance of scientific (practical and theoretical) research.


In the figure below, it is shown a graphical representation of the international relations with partner institutions, which partnership has shown to be highly fruitful and still continues to persist between Agricultural University and each of these Institutions. As, it shown in the figure the international relations are extended by covering even the overseas countries.

Institucione partnere