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Foreign students

Erasmus+: Individual Credit Mobility for Students (Studies & Internships) and University Staff in Europe


Erasmus – the European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students – is a European Union action programme in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme through which students, teachers, and university staff can gain academic and personal experience in other European countries, broadening their cultural horizons, improving their foreign-language skills, and acquiring fresh perspectives in their subject areas. The exchange of students, teachers, and staff between European universities is based on bilateral agreements between the various departments at Agricultural University of Tirana and those of the Programme Countries institutions.


Erasmus+ study at AUT (for incoming students)


We are glad about your interest in spending a period of study at Agricultural University of Tirana!

To help make it easier for you to plan your stay in Albania, we have put the most important information for you on the following page. Here you will find more detailed information on:

Applying for a student residence permit: Leje qëndrimi

Most international students from EU countries who wish to reside in Albania on a long-term basis to pursue a course of study (in any case more than three months within each six-month period) are issued a residence permit. Residence and work permits are regulated in accordance with the Law on Foreigners No. 108/2013 dated 28 March 2013 and the respective sub-legal acts. This law regulates the regime of entry into and exit from the Republic of Albania with regard to foreigners as well as their residence, work and treatment in the country. The law determines the functions and competencies of the state authorities and other subjects, public and private, Albanian and foreigners, related to foreigners.Some of these residence permits for special occasions are:


·         residence permit for seasonal work

·         residence permit for vocational training

·         residence permit for youth exchange

·         residence permit for voluntary services

·         residence permit for scientific research

·         residence permit for students

·         residence permit for humanitarian occasions

·         residence permit for victims of human trafficking

·         residence permit for family reunion.


Each type of residence permit has specific documents set out in the Law on Foreigners and the sublegal acts applicable to it.If a residence permit is obtained, it should be presented to the authorities whenever requested.

You can apply for a visa as soon as you have received confirmation from AUT that you have been given a place on a study programme.

When you apply for a a residence permit, you will need to show the confirmation of admission and evidence that you have enough money to live on during your studies in Albania.

Article 52

Residence permit for students and school pupils

1.    The alien who enters and stays in the Republic of Albania for study purposes at an educational establishment, public or private, recognized by the Albanian state shall have the right to apply for residence permit according to the general requirements foreseen in article 34, 37 and 38 of the Law on Foreigners No. 108/2013 dated 28 March 2013.


2.    The alien, admitted with an educational establishment, or attending training or participating in professional internships shall be issued with residence permit for a validity period no longer than one year when it is issued for the first time and with the possibility of extension every other year until completion of the studies or internship. If the duration of the course is less than one year, the period of the residence permit shall correspond to the duration of the course.


3.    The alien must prove that he or she has been accepted by the educational establishment, has sufficient knowledge of the language of education or training, has sufficient means to secure a living in the Republic of Albania during the period of study. The alien, in order to renew the residence permit, inter alia, must prove the progress achieved during the studies, according to the legislation in force or administrative practices.


4.    The aliens issued with a residence permit for students, after the first year of study, outside the study period, based on the respective work permit shall have the right to employment and pursue of self-employment activities, in line with the maximum period of 20 hours per week, or the equivalent in days or months per year. EU member states and Schengen country citizens shall be exempted from the obligation to be issued 30 with a work permit.


5.    During the period of study, the residence permit for the student may not be replaced with a residence permit for employment purposes. Upon successful completion of studies, if the alien is issued with a work permit, and if the EU citizen is registered with an employment office based on an employment contract, the residence permit may be renewed for employment purposes. The period of stay for study purposes shall be calculated half of the period of residence.


Residence Permit processing fees


Here are the fees charged for the processing and granting of residence permit to Albania:


Type of Permit

Charged fee

Short stay (3 and 6 months)

5000 ALL + value of card

Long stay (1 year)

10000 ALL + value of card

Long stay (2 year)

15000 ALL + value card

Long stay (3 year)

20000 ALL +  value of card



For more information, please click here: https://www.asp.gov.al/index.php/the-legislation

An application may be submitted to the Regional Directorate of Border and Migration, where is your residence:

Drejtoria Rajonale e Kufirit dhe Migracionit  

Police Department in Tirana, Albania

Address: Rruga Rexhep Preza, Tirana


Before you apply for a visa, please download the documents attached:


1.    Residence Permit Application


2.    Law on Foreigners No. 108/2013 dated 28 March 2013


3.    vkm_513_2013


4.    Leshimi_i_vizave_tip_D_150814_EN

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